Monday, March 10, 2014

Schrade assisted opening knife review

Schrade assisted opening knife

 I previously carried the Smith and Wesson SWBLOP3SMT. A cute little thing. I accidentally forgot to put it into my checked luggage and it was confiscated by the TSA. So I was off to find a replacement. Before I just reordered another Smith and Wesson SWBLOP3SMT, I decided to look at other options in the sub 3" blade category, so I could legally carry it in my city. I came across this Schrade SCHA3B with the 2.9" blade. I can't say enough about this knife. It is amazing. I was apprehensive about the geometric shape, but it fit in my hands very well and being a former collegiate football player, I have large hands. The build is excellent. the function is even better. I can feel the safety, without looking for it. I can deploy the blade in a flash. The blade is also very wide & sharp. Just an overall great product. Very happy with it and am considering ordering another for when it gets confiscated again. Buy it. You'll love it.


Blade doesn't hold an edge, finish wears quickly in the pocket, assisted opening mechanism is easily jammed with lint and other pocketstuffs, and the lock is hard on the thumb.
BRB buying something good.

Easy to open both manually and with the release. Plus, it looks cool. I might even buy one for myself.